Metal Saga comic

Metal Saga is a 19-page comic I made as part of Shortbox Comics Fair in Autumn 2022. A folk-tale like story narrated by an arctic fox which unfolds the connection between a set of heavy metal mix-tapes, the fox and a giant dragon-woman who haunts the mountain. The full comic will be available to buy … Read more

Beelzebufo – WIP Comics anthology contribution

This was my contribution to WIP Comic’s 2022 anthology “WIP XL” centering around the theme of “BIG”. Each creator had one page to take the theme in any direction they wanted – to view the full comic you can purchase the anthology (digital or physical) over at WIP Comics.

wip comics anthology contribution: “lucky wip”

This was my eight panel fold up comic contribution to this year’s WIP Comics anthology, which centered around the theme of “luck”. The comic is about a small dog called Blueberry who gives an increasingly sadistic tour of his collection of cursed and unlucky artefacts. Available to purchase here.

WIP comics Anthology Contribution: Lupelangelo

This was my four page comic contribtion to the 2020 WIP Anthology titled “Failure”. The comic centres around an eccentric and genius coyote who is hopelessly in love with the moon, set in the backdrop of a renaissance italy populated by anthropomorphic dogs. Available to purchase here.

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